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Creating minibooks with a twist

On Thursday we had a special meeting, bringing together children and adults to discuss a specific question.

What value do eight-page minibooks have and what are they good for? We have been dreaming (for three years) of combining technology with a simple way to create ebooks that are printable at home. It turns out that it is easy to create an eight page story on a single page and then fold it to become a very cute 'itzyboox'.

Over the past few months, Dor and Matan have been hard at work creating a simple mechanism that lets one create an eight page story with text, illustrations and photos that can be printed and then specially folded. What fun? Soon Ran will integrate this feature on the Ourboox platform. But what are they good for?

We had many ideas on Thursday, but probably many more will come from our earlier users. Positively exciting! Let me know if you want to try it out.


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