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From 'You've Got Mel' to NBN

About a dozen years ago, I started my own radio show at IDC (Now Reichman University), called 'You've Got Mel' in which I interviewed interesting people about their lives and professional careers.

During the recent epidemic, I went back to the original idea with a twist. This time the interviews were on Zoom and streamed live to Facebook.

After doing over a hundred interviews, I decided that I wanted to focus on children's literature, and began hosting more and more authors and illustrators. After Richard Lucas introduced me to the New Books Network, we came up with the idea of a channel dedicated to children's literature, which I now host. We have already accumulated over 50 podcasts at the rate of one a week. It's a labor of love. You can check out the shows I have hosted here.

And if you happen to be an author, illustrator, editor, publisher, of children's books, let me know and I'll be happy to consider interviewing you for the video/podcast.


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