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In science we question, doubt and ask questions

before we consider accepting any statement whatsoever

I don't 'do' science these days (meaning that I don't have a lab and I don't do experiments or write research papers) but I will always think like a scientist.


Scientific method is something that is so ingrained in scientists that we question, doubt and ask questions before we consider accepting any statement whatsoever.


And since I studied philosophy of science with Professor Joseph Agassi who was a start student of Karl Popper, I believe that you can't really believe anything (including what I just said). 

Main research topics

I spent most of my scientific career studying the causes, diagnosis and treatment of bad breath.


Before that my field of expertise was hydrophobicity and adhesion of microorganisms.

Before that, nobody remembers (I did discover a microbial phenomenon as a master's student but no

one ever seemed to care).

Patents and products

My main inventions and co-inventions were:

  1. The two-phase mouthwash technology used in products in Israel,

    Scandinavia, the UK, the US and South America. 

  2. The microbial urine tester, "The Diaslide".

  3. The microbial sampler (with Ervin Weiss), the "QuadLoop".

  4. "Breathanol" antimicrobial flavor combination.

Top 10 publications


Selected articles (peer reviewed)

  1. M. Rosenberg, D. Gutnick and E. Rosenberg. Adherence of bacteria to hydrocarbons: a simple method for measuring cell-surface hydrophobicity.  FEMS Microbiology Letters 9: 29-33, 1980.

  2. M. Rosenberg, A. Perry, E.A. Bayer, D.L. Gutnick, E. Rosenberg and I. Ofek. Adherence of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus RAG-1 to human epithelial cells and to hexadecane. Infection and Immunity 33: 29-33, 1981.

  3. M. Rosenberg and E. Rosenberg. Role of adherence in growth of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus on hexadecane. Journal of Bacteriology 148: 51-57, 1981.

  4. M. Rosenberg.  Bacterial adherence to polystyrene: a replica method of screening for bacterial hydrophobicity. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 42: 375-377, 1981.

  5. E. Weiss, M. Rosenberg, H. Judes and E. Rosenberg. Cell surface hydrophobicity of adherent oral bacteria. Current Microbiology 7: 125-128, 1982

  6. M. Rosenberg, E.A. Bayer, J. Delarea and E. Rosenberg. Role of thin fimbriae in adherence and growth of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus on hexadecane. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 44: 929-937, 1982.

  7. E. Rosenberg, A. Gottlieb and M. Rosenberg. Inhibition of bacterial adherence to epithelial cells and hydrocarbons by emulsan. Infection and Immunity 39: 1024-1028, 1983.

  8. M. Rosenberg, E. Rosenberg, H. Judes and E. Weiss. Bacterial adherence to hydrocarbons and to surfaces in the oral cavity. FEMS Microbiology Letters 20: 1-5, 1983.

  9. M. Rosenberg, H. Judes and E. Weiss. Desorption of adherent bacteria from a solid hydrophobic surface by oil. Journal of Microbiological Methods 1: 239-244, 1983.

  10. M. Rosenberg, H. Judes and E. Weiss. Cell surface hydrophobicity of dental plaque microorganisms in situ. Infection and Immunity 42: 831-834, 1983.

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