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Dr. Mel Rosenberg Weaves Humor,

Music, Knowledge and Imagination

and Delivers Talks and Workshops that Inspire and Engage Audiences

All Over the World. 

Public Speaking

Want a talk about the secrets of creative people? How to network successfully? How body odors and sex are intertwined? How to stay healthy forever? How to speak like a TED speaker? Why some popular songs seem to last forever? Mel's your man. 

I've lectured around the world as a scientist, a writer, a musician. Ofen I combine all three. Here are some of the topics I love talking about (just in case you know someone who might want to invite me sometime). 

  • Bad Breath, Body Odor and Sex

  • The Secrets of Creative People 

  • The Secrets of Storytelling

  • What I learned from One Success and One Hundred Failures

  • The Mellow Songs of the Sixties

  • Why Some Songs become Immortal 

  • The Secrets of successful speakers

You've Got Mel with Peter Harrington
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