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Dirty House

Another interview at "Poula & Leon Morning Show", and these were the thoughts I came up with

So yesterday I was on tv talking about cleaning around the house and health. These were the thoughts I came up with:

  1. Microorganisms love moisture. They thrive when there is water or moisture around. So surfaces, towels, sponges, etc. should be kept dry.

  2. Vacuums are great for sucking up dirt on the ground, not as good for sucking up the air we breathe in the room. Air conditioners suck that air up and help clean it (check filters!) from dust particles that can harbor microorganisms, allergens, etc. There will always be 'dead areas' in the house in which circulation is poor.

  3. Fresh air is usually better than indoors air (indoors air can have lots of pollutants, particules and chemical, especially if there is a lot of cooking going on). So unless the air outside is bad, ventilate the house.

  4. Our nose is in intimate contact with our pillow, sheets, beds for seven or eight hours a night. That in itself is something to consider. Change pillow covers very frequently? I think that may not be a bad idea. Change old pillows for new ones? Perhaps, but keep in mind that the new ones release a lot of organic materials. Something to consider.


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