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Mel Rosenberg

Scientist, Inventor, Author,

Keynote Speaker, Musician

Meet Mel Rosenberg

I'm a universiy professor, musician, storyteller, speaker, children's book writer, inventor and professional shoe lace-tier. I like to keep busy. 

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Why do some people have bad breath while others don't? Why can't people smell their own? What is the best way to measure it? And what can be done about it? These were questions that we investigated during my career as Professor of Microbiology. Oh, and I also co-invented a mouthwash that is sold around the world. 


I believe that good educators are good performers. I have been teaching and speaking in public since I was a teenager. I love to share the lessons that I have learned along the way. 

Recently I have been helping others hone their storytelling and presentation skills. Let me know if I can help you too. 


Music is the narrative of my life. I sing and play mellow jazz standards.  I love to weave music into my talks and lectures. One of my favorite subjects is the Music of the Sixties. Another is what makes a song immortal. I give two academic courses on these very subjects. Lucky me!

Public Speaking

I have been speaking in public since the age of thirteen and never looked back. I have lectured around the world on a variety of subjects: "Bad Breath, Body Odor and Sex",  "Ten Tips on Oral Presentations", "Thinking Between the Boxes",

"The Secrets of Creative People", "What I Learned from One Success and 100 Failures", "Jazz and Jews", "Music of the Sixties", "How to Write a Children's Book", "What Makes a Popular Song Popular" and "What I Learned in Kindergareten", "What Dogs Teach us about Life" and "The Molecule that will End the World" and more.  

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