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The King Who Wasn't Tall Enough

About a decade ago, I was ruminating about a certain professor when the idea came to me to write a book about a king who wasn't tall enough. In the story the king subjugates his people and builds a tower to the clouds so that he can be the highest of them all. When he calls out to his engineers to bring him down, they cannot (or will not) hear him.

I later made a more Hollywood style ending in which the king sews together a parachute of his royal clothes and floats down to earth, having learnt his lesson.

I don't know which ending our real life saga might take, but you will see the parallels for yourself.

The King Who Wasn't Tall Enough was illustrated out of love by Israel's leading children's illustrator Danny (Dani) Kerman, narrated by Michal Chill (who also translated to Hebrew) and has been translated into about twenty languages.


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